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Emotional Eating … Does It Plague You?

Emotional eating is the act of eating not for energy or in response to feelings of hunger, but as a response to emotional feelings. The foods of choice for emotional eating tend to be junk foods or traditional “comfort foods”.

Feelings that are often responded to with emotional eating include the following:

1) Depression: Often, anger that is held inside is experienced as feeling down and depressed. Often, this goes along with the thought, “What’s the use? Who cares?” In an attempt to feel better, the person does NOT address and release the anger, rather s/he uses food as a temporary way to feel better.

2) Anger: Often, when angry at oneself or at someone else, one tends to “stuff” the anger. Rather than assertively addressing the situation and getting it handled, one uses food instead.

3) Boredom: One thinks that there is nothing worthwhile to do and nowhere interesting to go. To fill in the void, the person fills his/her time and consciousness with acts of eating.

4) Lack of Appreciation: Food can be the outlet to the disappointed feelings that result from the experience that no one notices when one excels. The tendency is to “treat” oneself with food in an effort at congratulations, even when one is not hungry.

5) Lack of Control: This feeling is the result of thinking, “Everything in my life is out of control. I feel overwhelmed! The only thing I CAN control is what and when I eat!”

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