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Marlene Shiple, Ph.D.

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The Life Coach Dr.

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Areas of Practice

Life Coaching

As a Life Coach, Dr. Shiple becomes partners with the client.  Together, based on the client's desired outcomes of the work, the client and Life Coach Dr. Shiple choose the coaching focus.  Dr. Shiple expertly guides the client, who remains responsible to create and maintain his/her own desired results.

Hypnosis Coaching and Hypnotherapy — Coaching using Hypnosis. (In- house only)

As an Hypnosis Coach, Dr. Shiple works with the client to identify the desired Life Coaching outcomes.  Dr. Shiple then utilizes hypnosis to help the client -- on a subconscious basis -- to accomplish those goals.  In addition to hypnotizing Coaching clients, Dr. Shiple also teaches the progressive steps for Self-Hypnosis. 

Sexuality Coaching (AASECT-certified)

As a Sexuality Coach, Dr. Shiple partners with the client to provide assistance with sexual and intimacy concerns.  Dr. Shiple professionally guides the client to accomplish desired results in the love-making arena.  Often, both partners are involved as a way of creating the most-effective relationship outcomes.

Corporate Consulting and Executive Coaching

As an Executive Consultant & Coach, Dr. Shiple partners with the client(s) to identify their corporate goals, as well as the obstacles that may be preventing successful goal accomplishment.  Together, they construct a plan.  Dr. Shiple coaches the client, who undertakes to remove obstacles and achieve desired corporate goals.

Retirement Coaching

As a Retirement Coach, Dr. Shiple becomes partners with the client who is approaching retirement.  Together, they outline the client's leisure goals and community-involvement requirements.  With Dr. Shiple's guidance, the client begins to transition in the many beneficial directions retirement offers.

Online Webinars & Challenges

Dr. Shiple presents online webinars on a variety of Life Coaching topics -- self-confidence, communication, goal achievement, stress management, better health, etc.  She has conducted a number of successful, life-altering      Challenges -- most recently a 30-Day Happiness Challenge and a 30-Day Forgiveness Challenge.


Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.
— Joseph Campbell


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