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In our increasingly frenetic world, taking time out to practice meditation can provide you with an oasis of calm that sustains the rest of your day.  Enlightened employers even provide space for employees to do just that in some cases as they realize that they will benefit from the increased productivity that is often a direct result.  When your mind is allowed to simply let go and be, it often becomes far more creative and better at problem-solving. 

People have been turning to meditation to find the inner security and sense of peace that is so often missing from modern life.  Are you seeking inner nurturing to sustain you through a life that is far more complex than ever before?  If so, meditation may just be your answer!  Meditation can provide not only far-reaching individual benefits for you, but it can also create deep, profound benefits for society, as a whole.

This ancient art is deservedly experiencing a revival.  This is intensified by understanding that, in its simplicity, there lies the answer to so many modern ailments.  Meditation is here to stay and can only increase in popularity as more and more people discover its benefits. 

I encourage you to jump on the meditation wagon.  Here are some simple, powerful resources to get you started … TODAY! 

Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Make Your Desired Selection
  2. Sit Comfortably
  3. Breathe: Use a rhythmic pace — deep, slow enhalation … then deep, slow inhalation …
  4. Open Your Mind as the Sound Enters in and Fills Your Awareness …
  5. Let Go …
  6. Relax and Enjoy!

Here is a moving melody … to use with your Beginning Meditation.  It’s called “April Colors”:

Build your Self-Confidence with this Subliminal Meditation:

End Procrastination for Good with this Begin Now! Meditation …

Would you like more guidance through your Meditation?

If so, here are some additional Meditation audios … that walk you through the experience in a deep, personal way: