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Release Fear

Release Fear

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RELEASING FEAR:  When you are fearful and/or anxious, you create the very elements that prevent you being successful.  You can create a different experience.

Allow this Hypnosis-audio-plus-Workbook combination show you how through such suggestions as

  • You are full of courage and confidence!
  • Worries and fears vanish from your mind!
  • You steadfastly rise above all obstacles!
  • Your success is unlimited!
  • You feel a sense of victory & triumph!
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Hypnosis is a natural state — an alteration of your normal waking conscious state.  It is a state of relaxed attention and wellness.  During hypnosis, your mind is alert and aware, while you are in a physically relaxed state.  In this state, your subconscious mind accepts direction … and proceeds to create it in your life!  Hypnosis has worked for millions of people before you — in a whole variety of situations.  Hypnosis can work for you to help you to more-completely accept yourself, too!