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Your Choice

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YOUR CHOICE:  Choice is the essential ability to direct your life.  As Dr. Shiple is fond of saying, "This is YOUR Life!  You write the script."  And it is up to You ... the direction that script takes, the life that you create.

Allow this Hypnosis-audio-plus-Workbook combination show you how to direct your own creation in a positive way! Some of the suggestions that are included in the Hypnosis portion of this Program are

  • Your mind has immense power!
  • You choose to think only positive thoughts!
  • You create the positive scenario of your life!
  • Feel yourself living your positive scenario!
  • You feel what it is like to live this way!
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Hypnosis is a natural state — an alteration of your normal waking conscious state.  It is a state of relaxed attention and wellness.  During hypnosis, your mind is alert and aware, while you are in a physically relaxed state.  In this state, your subconscious mind accepts direction … and proceeds to create it in your life!  Hypnosis has worked for millions of people before you — in a whole variety of situations.  Hypnosis can work for you to help you to more-completely accept yourself, too!